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Get Remote support for your Device
Last Updated 3 years ago

  1. Please click on this link from your device to download our SplashTop SOS remote access client image, or access it here:
  2. Download and RUN the installer - if you are asked whether to allow it to make changes to your device, please select "Yes" so it can finish installing.
  3. The "AM CSS Remote Support" screen will present you with a 9-digit unique, one time only passcode:
  4. image
  5. Do not close the "AM CSS Remote Support" window until after the connected session is closed by our Engineer.
  6. Please reply to this message with the code and an engineer will connect to your device - you can click on the copy icon at the end of the code box to copy it and then paste it in to your reply..
  7. If Administrator-level access is required, you may see the Splashtop connection restart and prompt you to allow a second time - please accept.
For Apple Macs you may also have to enable certain access features once the install has completed:
  1. Select the Apple icon in the top LH corner of you screen
  2. Select "System Preferences"
  3. Select "Security & Privacy"
    1. Select the "Privacy" tab (1)
    2. Select the "Accessibility" menu (2)
    3. Click on the padlock to unlock settings to make changes (3)
    4. Select the "Splashtop SOS App" from the list (4):
    5. image
    6. Click on the Allow button for the "Accessibility" option:
    7. image

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